About Us

We provide doggy day care 6.30am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday.


First Day (half or full) $35

Regular Day (minimum once a week) $29.50

Half Day (up to 5 hours) $22

Casual Day $35

Hourly (up to 3 hours) $7 per hour

5 Day Concession Card (2 Month Expiry) $125

We are trained and qualified dog lovers with our main priority being to provide a safe, comfortable, happy and fun environment and always treating you dog with the kindness, love and respect that they deserve.

We are a fully indoor facility meaning there is no smelly, wet or muddy dog to pick up at the end of the day. Your furry friend will be in the same condition as you left them as well as being tired from all the fun that they have had with their new or existing friends.

We have no strict check in or check out times and we offer an hourly rate if you just want to give your dog a trial of our facility.

We require proof that your dog's vaccines are up to date. Including the vaccine for kennel cough no less than 10 days prior. We will restrict entry without a vet certificate.


We offer the following services


We offer supervised daycare for dogs and we invite you to spend time in the daycare area until you are comfortable with how your dog fits in to the environment, we have confinement areas for dogs who are nervous, anxious or take time to adjust to new environments. Once they are more comfortable we will slowly introduce them to the play area and carefully watch them while they adjust.


We are Canterbury's, first and only BlackHawk Exclusive store. BlackHawk dry food is real meat, real veggies. No fillers, no nasties. Nothing but the best for our best friends. We also carry a large range of raw food, toys, accessories, treats, leads and collars. If we don't have it in store, or there is something specific you require, just ask as we can source most things.


Coming soon.


How It Works

Here at K9 Kindy, the happiness and wellbeing of your dog is our number one priority. We ensure to offer a safe, reliable and fun environment that is kept to the highest of standards.

On your dog’s first visit to K9 Kindy we recommend to book them in for two consecutive days. The first day they will be kept in a separate confined area where they can observe the other dogs play and interact while still feeling safe in their own space. This first day can be quite overwhelming but gives your dog a chance to explore their new environment and Kindy friends.

Our staff are trained and qualified to make sure that your dog is correctly introduced to the new K9 Kindy environment. We have studied & understand dog body language and know exactly when they are ready to go and explore the big play area. Dogs will be constantly supervised by staff throughout the day.

The second day of Kindy becomes easier for your dog. They recognise the staff, their new friends and are ready to get straight into playing and being themselves.

After 2 days in any new environment a dog is able to programme it in their mind. This gives a 5-7 day window of them remembering where they are and what it’s all about.

Your dog will never be thrown in the deep end at K9 Kindy as this will only cause them stress and fear resulting in a nervous or anxious dog, which can take a long time to remedy. We understand that your dog is a big part of you and your family and want them to have an enjoyable experience while at K9 Kindy.


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